Indigenous Fair

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The New Dawn Pacesetter

An Indigenous women and youth led organization that strengthens the voices of the less previledged with a focus to women and girls while promoting education of all children without cultural, health or gender discrimination with an aim to bring a sustainable gender mainstream in our society.

Kenia / Samburu, Laikipia maasai and Turkana communities of North Kenya

Cooperativa Ixoq Aj Kemool

Valorization and recovery of our art through the fabric of our clothing.

Guatemala / Si. Maya Poqomchi

Retablos Palomino Jimenez

I am Zuly Palomino, Quechua from Peru, I do hand-painted altarpieces and “figurines” (small sculptures) made with sun-dried potato dough. We are an artisan family of four generations, we keep the traditions of this art using ancestral techniques, which represent scenes of our daily life and Peruvian mythology.

Peru / Zury Palomino

Himalayan Naari

Himalayan Naari is a women’s trust based in the mountains of India. The artisans produce knit and woven products.

India / Pahadi people from the Kumaoun region of India


We are artisans who make landscapes with “Popotillo de Escoba” (from “popote” straw + “-illo” little, and “escoba” broom), which is the livelihood of our families. This technique is a family tradition because we have done it for 3 generations.


Mayan Hands

Mayan Hands is a fair trade nonprofit dedicated to provide economic and educational opportunities to Mayan women and girls, so that they can build sustainable futures for themselves, their families and communities, as they continue to live within the culture they cherish.

Guatemala / Maya Kaqchikel, Tzʼutujil, K'iche", Achí

Granja cunicula quinto sol

We are a group of indigenous women with disabilities who ancestrally produce animals and backyard by-products. Recovering ancestral knowledge to produce them in a 100% organic way.

Mexico / Nahua

Colectivo Ääts

“Colectivo ääts, hilando caminos” is a group of Ayuujk women, from Santa María Tlahuitoltepec, Mixe, Oaxaca, Mexico. We are women committed to the dissemination and preservation of the artisan work of Tlahuitoltepec, through the creation and commercialization of textiles with the traditional embroidery of symbolic elements that are part of our daily life.

Mexico / Ayuujk/Mixe

Nudos de seda

We are a group of indigenous women from the Mixtec people Ñuu Savi, who seek to strengthen sericulture and the recovery of ancestral techniques.

Mexico / Mixteco Ñuu Savi


An enterprise that arises with the purpose of making known, and keeping alive the identity of the Q’anjob’al area.

Guatemala / Q'anjob'al

Miscelánea Maya

A space for the exhibition and sale of handicrafts, jewelry and literature of the Mayan culture, products that are made in communities to support the economic income of indigenous families.

Guatemala / Maya Poqomam

Finatur Foundation

We are a work team with a social vision that manages projects to be developed with indigenous communities. We focus on women as the axis of cultural transmission and economic development of the communities, improving their quality of life, to live, live well, and the good life of present and future generations.

Colombia / Zenú, Wounaan, Wayuú, Emberá, Kamentza peoples